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Jordan Essentials Explains the Problem with Parabens

Why Are Parabens Bad? Jordan Essentials Explains

At Jordan Essentials, we create cosmetic products and natural skin care products that are free of toxins and unhealthy synthetic chemicals. In today’s blog post, we will take the time to talk about one of these chemicals we steer clear of in our natural lotions, natural deodorants, and other Jordan Essentials cosmetics. Paraben is quite possibly one of the worst chemicals commonly found in cosmetic products. Let’s find out why we should steer clear of parabens.

What Makes Parabens Unhealthy?

Though Jordan Essentials never uses parabens in our products, many cosmetic companies use the chemical to preserve their skin care products for a long period of time. Your commercial-brand lotions and moisturizers can stay on your shelf for years because of chemicals like paraben, but these unnatural preservatives can be harmful. Links to Breast Cancer Though the jury is still out on the importance of the role parabens play in breast cancer, a study by the University of Reading linked the chemical to the cancer. The study found certain parabens in human breast tumors, but the study could not conclude how it got there. We do know for certain, however, that parabens mimic estrogen and mess with your hormone system. High estrogen levels often increase a person’s likelihood of getting breast cancer. They Decrease Testosterone Because parabens mimic estrogen, they lower testosterone in males. This can lead to adverse effects in male reproductive systems. The chemical has been linked to lower sperm counts. Low testosterone levels in men can increase the likelihood of testicular cancer, obesity, and kidney disease. They Age You Though found in products meant to keep you looking young, parabens can increase your skin’s light sensitivity. This causes the sun to damage and kill skin cells more easily than it otherwise would. Your skin will looked more aged sooner and become damaged more easily. You should not have to choose between beautiful skin now and beautiful skin in the future. With our natural skin care products, you don’t have to.

Stay Away from Chemicals. Choose Jordan Essentials.

At Jordan Essentials, we only sell natural skin care products that are healthy for everyone. You will find natural makeup, natural moisturizers, natural lotion, natural deodorants, and other chemical-free cosmetic products in our online store. We are happy to sell products that contain no aluminum, no diethanolamine, no isopropyl alcohol, no petroleum, no mineral oil, no gluten, and no sodium lauryl sulfate. Shop at Jordan Essentials for healthy beauty products. Jordan Essentials does not claim to cure any illness.  Check with your doctor first if pregnant, nursing or taking medication. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.
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