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Work from Home: Fun Ideas for a Summer Jordan Essentials Party

Have a Summer Jordan Essentials Party When You Work from Home

With the days getting hotter and the sun harsh as ever, people need good skin care more than ever. Summer is the perfect time to throw a Jordan Essentials party if you work from home. Summer is the time to get out enjoy the weather and show off your beautiful skin! This means people are ready to buy something that will make their skin look and feel better. Capitalize on this fact by throwing a summer-themed party!

Be Prepared

Before you pick a theme for your summer party, make sure you have a gameplan. A successful party usually has a decent amount of guests, so make sure you invite enough people. You’ll also want to make sure you have a decent amount of product on hand. Since it’s the summer months, people will want anti-aging solution to help protect against the effects of the summer sun, they’ll probably also be looking for moisturizing products to help combat dry skin. Natural deodorants are also a popular summer seller. Figure out what products you may want to have more in stock of, and order plenty. It’s better to have some excess than not enough.

You may also want to consider serving food and drinks at your party, as this incentivizes guests to stay longer. Theme your food and drinks for the summer if possible. Luckily, since you work from home, you should have plenty of time to get everything together!

Make it Fun with a Summer Theme

One way to set your party apart from the typical product parties is to have a fun summer theme. For instance, July is National Ice Cream Month, so consider making your party an ice cream social! Another idea is to have a pool party, if you have a pool to use. If not, it might be best to have the party inside, as you don’t want your guests to be uncomfortable from the heat and humidity.

Getting creative with your party ideas will show your guests that you’re committed to them having fun, and they’ll end up staying longer, meaning you sell more product. When you work from home, your imagination is the limit to how simple, or how extravagant, you want your party to be. Don’t forget to have fun yourself! After all, less stress is one of the biggest perks when you work from home!

Work from Home with Jordan Essentials

If you want to make your own hours and sell an incredible product, work from home with Jordan Essentials. What sets Jordan Essentials apart is we sell products that people love. It definitely makes selling something easier when the product is something that you believe in! We’re always looking for dedicated, motivated individuals, so contact us today for more information.  

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