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Winter Skin Care Tips

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Winter weather often leads to drier skin from the cold dry air, continual transitioning from warm environments to chilly environments, sometimes windy conditions that quickly evaporate skin surface hydration, and more layers of clothing to keep us warm.

These all create the perfect storm for cracked, dry, or uncomfortable skin, particularly on the hands, feet, and face.  So how do we combat Mother Nature and Jack Frost to keep that smooth, soft, supple, youthful-looking skin? Follow these quick and simple, top tips for Winter Skin Care:

Stay well hydrated.  

In the summer when we are hot, sweating, and active it seems easier to remember to drink lots of water, but staying well hydrated is just as important in the winter months as well.  All cells in the body need good hydration to stay healthy, and skin cells are no exception. As the largest organ of the body, the skin is often the first indication of a possible dehydration in the form of dry or brittle skin.  Be sure to drink lots of water to help your body get the hydration it needs.

Eat healthy.

 It’s not surprising that healthy skin starts with a healthy diet.  This time of year it is tempting to over-indulge; especially on all those delightful sweet treats that go with the holiday season.  It’s ok to celebrate and enjoy the holiday treats. Just remember moderation and balance with healthy foods too. Some of the best foods for healthy skin include homemade soups that contain bone broth like chicken, turkey, or beef broth.  Broth contains collagen and gelatin that can support healthier skin. Healthy fats are great for the skin too! This includes avocado, coconut oil, nuts and nut oils, and seeds like pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds.

Use a gentle, non-toxic cleanser.  

Winter weather bombards our skin with plenty of challenges, so don’t add insult to injury by using soaps and cleansers that are made with harmful chemicals, toxic ingredients, and synthetics that further dry the skin or tax the immune system.  Jordan Essentials offers many high quality skin cleansing options that are often both cleansing and moisturizing, all without any harmful ingredients. For the face, choose from one of our premium Face Care Cleansers such as Jordan Essentials Gentle Foaming Cleanser, Jordan Essentials Complexion Bar, or Jordan Essentials Activated Charcoal Soap.  For the body, indulge in our popular Glycerin Soaps, Foaming Hand Wash, or Shower Gel.

Exfoliate regularly.  

Our skin regenerates approximately every 27 days.  As we age and when our skin is exposed to extreme elements like winter weather, the skin regeneration process slows and dead skin cells can accumulate on the skin surface, accentuating lines and wrinkles, and even create a dull complexion.  Exfoliating the skin removes those dead skin cells and can help improve the tone and texture of the skin. Exfoliation also allows for better absorption of moisturizers and serums, making additional treatments more effective. Jordan Essentials offers effective yet gentle products to help exfoliate the skin without the use of any harsh chemicals or toxic ingredients.  Choose from Jordan Essentials Salt Scrub, Jordan Essentials Peppermint Pumice Scrub, Jordan Essentials Spa Polish, and Jordan Essentials Gentle Exfoliant.

Use a quality moisturizer with natural ingredients.  

Not all moisturizers are created equally.  Some products contain mineral oils and petroleum-based ingredients which can actually dry the skin rather than help hydrate.  Jordan Essentials carefully selects only the best possible ingredients that will nourish the skin and protect the natural oils our body produces rather than strip them away.  Choose the Jordan Essentials moisturizer that best fits your personal skin care needs. For the face, support natural beauty with JE Daily Moisturizer, JE Deep Daily Moisturizer, JE Acne Support Moisturizer, or for a limited time you can also get our popular JE Red Wine Deep Daily Moisturizer.  For the body use JE Hand and Body Lotion, Skin Relief Lotion, Helio Skin Superfood Lotion, or our best-selling JE Magnesium Lotion. Feed your skin with Jordan Essentials.

Protect your skin from weather extremes.

Protecting your skin isn’t just for summer months.  Winter weather calls for skin protection as well. During these colder months, cover exposed skin when possible, especially during windy days when the cold, dry air will more quickly evaporated skin hydration to cause chapping and cracking.  To further protect your skin, use JE Lip Balms and Lip Butters to protect those sensitive lips using natural ingredients like Jojoba Oil and Beeswax. For the hands, grab a JE Lotion Bar. The carefully blended ingredients in our signature Lotion Bars help seal the skin to prevent the loss of natural skin hydration.

Follow these Winter Skin Care tips and experience the Jordan Essentials difference.  Because at Jordan Essentials, it is our goal to help you achieve Healthy Skin & a Healthy Life.

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