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Joyful Jordan Perks Club

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Every month, Jordan Essentials releases a very special set of products lovingly known as the Joyful Jordan Box.  Inside this box are carefully selected products, including exclusive items, fragrances, and bonuses that can only be found inside the box (not available in our regular catalog).  Our amazing team at Jordan Essentials Corporate makes it a priority to carefully plan each Joyful Jordan Box to offer the perfect blend of product favorites, new options to try, and fragrances or essentials oils that will be sure to please. Included in every box is a unique card with a special verse, quote, or note from our founder and owner, Nancy Bogart!  Product value in each box always exceeds $25 and you get all of this for only $20!

The Joyful Jordan Boxes have been a hit for personal use, thoughtful gifts, and corporate incentives.  And, we didn’t stop there! Love our Joyful Jordan Boxes? Give the gift of a Joyful Jordan Perks Club Membership!

What is the Joyful Jordan Perks Club Membership?

Jordan Essentials is confident that you will love what we offer in the Joyful Jordan Box each and every month!  To make it more fun and exciting, we offer a special Joyful Jordan Perks Club. With the JJ Perks Club, you can pre-purchase your monthly Joyful Jordan Box for only $60 for 3 months, $120 for 6 months, $180 for 9 months, or $240 for the year!  When you do this, you qualify for an additional “perks” for being a part of this elite group which entitles you to a valuable coupon released each quarter. This coupon can be redeemed for a highlighted deep discount on a popular larger item.

That’s some amazing savings on the products you love!

Joyful Jordan Perks Club as the Ultimate Gift

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Give the gift of a Joyful Jordan Perks Club Membership this year!  When you give the gift of a JJ Perks Club Membership, you give the gift of love, the joy of opening each box as it arrives, and the excitement of looking forward with anticipation to the next box!  Who doesn’t love getting fun mail? And with the Joyful Jordan Perks Club, your friends and family can get happy surprises in the mail each month!

For as little as $60 you can give a gift that keeps on giving!  Jordan Essentials takes great pride in offering only products that are non-toxic and made in the USA so you confidently know your loved ones are only getting the best.  Sure to bring a smile to their faces, plus the benefits of the additional discounted bonus, your gift of a Joyful Jordan Perks Club Membership is one that they’ll be sure to remember for years to come.

Contact your personal Jordan Essentials Consultant for more details on how you can get in on the action with our Joyful Jordan Perks Club.  Don’t forget to get one for yourself, too!

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