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Give your Morning a JE Makeover

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We love doing Makeover Parties and Pampering Parties at Jordan Essentials!  It’s so fun to get together with a group of friends to laugh, relax, and have some fun with our amazing products.  But Make-Overs don’t have to be just for skincare or pampering. How about a Morning Makeover?

Do you have a hard time getting out of bed?  Do you wake up slowly, cranky, and needing at least two cups of coffee to get going in the morning?  Our mornings tend to set the tone for the rest of the day, so here are a few tips to help you start your day in a positive way.

Your day starts the night before.

Believe it or not, how your day goes often is a direct correlation to the night before.  What we mean is, the quality of your sleep during the night will often dictate how you feel that day.  Make it a priority to get quality sleep every night. If you have trouble sleeping, check out our blog post on sleep tips, including using Jordan Essentials Sleep Essential Oil Spray, Jordan Essentials Magnesium Lotion, and Jordan Essentials Dead Sea Salt Soak.

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Let the Sun shine in.

Natural sunlight triggers the brain and can make the process of waking up much easier.  Open the curtains or try using a sunrise alarm clock. The Dawn Simulation Theory states that early morning light signals have a much greater effect on the body’s biological clock than light signals given at other time of the day.  These signals not only affect cognitive function but moods as well.

Use Essential Oils.

Essential oils like JE Orange, JE Lemon, JE Peppermint, JE Immune, and JE Resistance are wonderful tools to add to your morning routine.  Prep your diffuser the night before with a few drops and turn it on when you first wake up in the morning. Take a few deep breaths and allow the aromas to uplift your mood and energize your spirit. For more information about Essential Oil Safety, check out our article by clicking here.

Eat a Healthy Breakfast.

Start your day off right with a good healthy breakfast.  That includes drinking a big glass of water to help your body stay hydrated.  The brain needs plenty of hydration and nutrients to function well so don’t skimp on this very important meal in your day.


Exercise and Stretch.

Studies show that even a few minutes of walking, yoga, or meditation first thing in the morning with deep breathing make a significant impact on mental clarity, energy levels, productivity, and overall health, not to mention the benefits of reducing stress!  Combine your exercise and stretching with our JE Magnesium Lotion or JE Magnesium Spray for an even bigger boost.

Make your Bed.

Start your day by accomplishing at least one goal:  making your bed! Not only does this establish a healthy habit that has been shown to motivate you to continue to achieve your goals throughout the day, but you will know that no matter how your day goes, you can come home to a clean room and a made bed.

Try these tips for yourself and see the difference a morning makeover can have on your day!  Remember we’re in this together to achieve Healthy Skin and a Healthy Life.

Comment below with your favorite morning makeover routines that help you start your day right!

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