Maintain your Moisture! – Summertime Natural Skin Care Tips from Jordan Essentials

Jordan Essentials Offers Tips for Healthy Skin in the Summertime It’s hot out there! Jordan Essentials knows that living and working during summer heat can be a real drag. Spending a day running errands while the sun beats down on you and your car can

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Using Essential Oils from Jordan Essentials in the Kitchen

Kitchen Uses for Essential Oils from Jordan Essentials You want your home to smell fresh and inviting for yourself and for your guests. But if you, like many of us, live in a busy household bustling with family, then chances are that your home is prone

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Tea Tree Oil From Jordan Essentials

Jordan Essentials Tea Tree Oil Tea tree oil has long been touted as a powerful essential oil. Through our online store and our vast team of representatives, Jordan Essentials is happy to offer tea tree oil as a spray and in drops. If you’re just learning

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Jordan Essentials Dishes on the Shea Butter in our Magnesium Lotion

Benefits of Shea Butter in Our Magnesium Lotion If you’ve tried one of the natural skin care products or natural moisturizers from Jordan Essentials, then chances are that you’ve encountered the wonderful ingredient called shea butter. Shea butter

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Make the Most When you Work From Home for Jordan Essentials

Benefits You Get When You Work From Home with Jordan Essentials Do you value clean, natural skin care and cosmetics that are safe and non-toxic for everyone? Do you have a passion for teaching others to love themselves and see themselves as the beautiful

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Jordan Essentials Shares Things that Can Damage Your Skin

Skin-Harming Activities from Jordan Essentials Natural skin care products are a great way to preserve the youthfulness and overall health of your epidermis. However, there are many other aspects that go into the pursuit of healthy skin. This includes

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When is the Best Time to Apply a Natural Moisturizer?

Best Times to Apply Natural Moisturizer Jordan Essentials is happy to offer our customers an extensive line of natural moisturizers. As with all of our natural skin care products, our natural moisturizers are free of aluminum, DEA, parabens, alcohol,

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Arm Pit Care 101

Ever wonder about how to use natural deodorant? We show you how! Try it by getting with your favorite Jordie and let her know you are ready to make the leap!  

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Natural Beauty To Go!

Check out 4 new products that make it easy to get going with your day quick and easy! Natural Minerals Look great and provide natural skin protection too!  

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Jordan Essentials Shares More Habits for Natural Skin Care

More Natural Skin Care Habits If you read our last blog on the topic of healthy natural skin care habits to adopt, then you know that sleep and sun exposure play significant roles in the health of one’s skin. Jordan Essentials offers a full line of

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Simple Habits for Natural Skin Care

Jordan Essentials Offers Simple Natural Skin Care Tips Jordan Essentials is happy to offer our customers a variety of fantastic, natural skin care products. From our magnesium lotion to our natural deodorants, we provide you with natural skin care options

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Selling Essential Oils: How Anyone Can Succeed in Sales

The Keys to Being Successful in Essential Oils Sales For some people, selling comes naturally. For others, not so much. Don’t worry though, you don’t have to be an expert to sell essential oils at Jordan Essentials. Anyone can succeed in sales with

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